Missions & Objectives

Our Mission

The Global League of International Powers Federation (GLIP Federation) is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization created by Nana Kofi Opoku Agyemang in 2008. The GLIP Federation’s primary objective is to assist in the relief of poor, distressed and underprivileged people throughout the globe.The Federation serves as a neutral development platform that operates in unison with its partners; government and non-governmental (NGO) entities. The GLIP Federation provides resources to assist in projects that affect the social and economic development of various communities around the world. We provide our partners with funding, technical knowledge and human resources for their initiatives.

Goals & Objectives

The GLIP federation is determined to build the greatest cross-generational conglomerate of leaders and entities dedicated to positive social change throughout the world. In so doing we have called upon all leaders, various corporate entities and influential people to assist us in accomplishing this mission. Our federation moves to globally develop infrastructures and positively influence and assist the current generation as well as future generations throughout the global community. We seek to accomplish our objectives through the endowment of information, resources and services via the federation’s partners and other affiliated entities.

The ideology and structure of this federation was conceptualized and developed by incorporating the resourcefulness and ingenuity of countless imminent leaders and visionaries throughout the world. The structure of the federation encompasses a myriad of elements present within only a few of the world’s greatest global establishments such as the United Nations, European Union, African Union, and the G8 Summit. The GLIP Federation is continuously focused on building an extraordinary global network that is comprised of government entities, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), and various leaders throughout the world. The Federation is structured and designed specifically to cooperate with and ensure the success of its affiliates and partner’s missions. For it’s partners, the GLIP Federation serves as a:

  1. Extensive Network of resources (Social, political and economic);
  2. Global think-tank for innovative solution to social plights;
  3. Global crisis intervention unit;
  4. Infrastructural development platform.

Network Stats

NGO Partnerships 85%
Business Affiliates 65%
Investment Partnerships 75%
Infrastructural Developers 53%