Ruth thermidor

Haitian Ambassador

PHONE: +1(202)999-1123

Ruth is a Senior Project Analyst at Granite Telecommunications, responsible for assisting the company’s Net Promoter Score software, a sophisticated, flexible and powerful software tool used to engage with customers.  Ruth holds a BS in Liberal arts and Business from Northeastern University. She is also a certified youth secretary at Waltham Church of God .who believes that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow who can change the world and deserve to be invested in.

Ruth is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking. Ruth is experienced and witnessed the good
that focusing on the positive can bring. She feels that the power of positive thinking is remarkable.
Ruth is on a mission to use her voice to stand up for her community, the community of Women, Girls,
Black women, African Women.
Ruth is also fun when she’s not working. She enjoys friends and family time.

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