The GLIP Federation has a unique approach to fundraising. We have developed our own crowdfunding platform specifically focused on the fundraising initiatives of the Federation and it’s partners. Our approach towards fundraising and resource acquisition streamlines the process of obtaining funds and makes the development and implementation of proposed projects much more effective and efficient.

The GLIP Federation provides opportunity to it’s partners to create and become involved in international businesses / development ventures and charitable projects. Only the GLIP Federation’s partners are allowed to list ANY projects or business ventures on our platform. All Partners along with their projects are vetted and verified for legitimacy before being allowed to post. All projects posted must somehow go towards social development, either (social, socio-economic, public infrastructure, etc.).


Types of Donations & Funding

With our funding platform, partners and the public can participate in various types of funding scenarios,  Project Investments, Project Donations, Branch Donations and or Universal Donations. Only Partners of the Federation can list projects and initiatives on our funding platform, however, the platform is open to the public for donations and investment opportunities. Therefore bringing your cause or project to the attention of the Federation’s partners and a global audience.

Concerning Charitable donations, A unique position is held by the donors of the GLIP Federation. With each donation, our funding platform allows donors to become contributing partners and philanthropists to either one specific initiative / project or many projects with one donation.This process of donating ensures the most effective manner in which donor funding is properly utilized.

Project Investments:
For-profit projects provide unique international investment opportunities for investors.This platform allows partners, affiliates or anyone from outside the Federation the opportunity to invest their funds into international projects.

Project Donations:
With a Project Donation, the donor can specify which initiative or project(s) they would prefer their funds go towards when making a charitable donation.

General Branch Donations:
If a general Branch donation is made, the donor can specify which Branch of the Federation they would  like to see their funds go to. With this type of donation, the funds will go towards the benefit of the specific Branch and it’s initiatives.

Universal Donations:
When a donor makes a Universal Donation, the funds go to the benefit of the entire Federation, it’s Branches, partners and initiatives.

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